Lyle the Lamb (Who Didn’t Listen So Good)

Who's bad...Shumon

Who’s bad…Shumon

While I originally wrote this story as an illustrated sermon, after the difficulty of getting my own children to listen as we were getting ready for bed tonight (sometimes, we are just too excited about the fact that raccoons are the “ninjas of the forrest”), I’d like to share with you a tongue in cheek take on John 10. If you’re having trouble getting any children to you know to go to sleep, maybe you can frighten them into submission. The PDF is at the bottom of the page for your enjoyment.

Two notes, before you get going.

  1. While I’m not sure that I agree with all my own theology here, I do affirm that all children’s books should have ample ambiguity.

  2. Also, I know that “good” is used incorrectly in the title.

Lyle the Lamb

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