This Too Shall Pass

A Drawing I Made with Some words

A Drawing I Made with Some words

As the snow has begun to melt and those stranded in the Birmingham area have begun to be able to return home, I was reminded of some flowers I saw last Spring.

I had been driving through a gray day to visit someone when red flowers appeared in the median. Their shock of red petals was so different from their surrounding, I stopped and sketched a quick picture. And wrote the following words:

blood burst forth from green veins
to take its shape above the fray
not indignant, but challenging the fabric
of all else

As many people work their way out of the mess of the snow in the South from this past week, I am reminded of how life bursts forth unexpected. It is as unexpected as sudden snow, but also as unexpected as those countless fellow travelers who put their own needs aside to help other people.

Life reminds us that things resolve, that this too shall pass, just as winter always gives way to Spring.

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