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Does one of these need to go?

Cohesion: The Narrow Way

I ran across this sketch in an old journal from the past few years: I was trying to visualize the concept of the Jungian mask – the small, false self that some of us are so good at displaying to the world – and the True Self – the part...

It's my ears that make me slow, not my lack of running.

Graceful Ears

This article appeared originally at Religious Herald and my previous blog. Seemed an appropriate repost on a day when many of us have spent time in close quarters with one another waiting for the next Snowpocalypse. Some Things Are a Drag Even before my hair started to go and betray...

Skate Rental Sign

Only If You Can Skate

Photo credit: click from morguefile.com ***Thanks to Jill, my lovely wife, for helping to tighten the metaphor like an old pair of skates.*** I sometimes wonder if there wasn’t a bit more subtext involved when Jesus talked about children. Maybe in some “original manuscript” (trademarked 32AD United Fund for Fundamentalists)...