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It all fits together! Crafty birds.

Birds and Automobiles: Everything Belongs

The frost is beginning to lift from an odd winter in the South. The birds are calling from the trees out back this morning to their neighbors across the creek. Nature creates a constant chirping hum in the background as I walk my dogs. I am accustomed to electric and...

Plenty of Space

Waiting: Reflections on Hospital Waiting Rooms

Yesterday, I spent most of the day in the waiting room at the hospital. As I sat and talked with the people I was with, I noticed an interesting phenomenon. I then thought back over all the times that I have been in hospital waiting rooms, trying to figure out...

Friends Easier

Naming Friends

When my son first started attending his preschool, he would spend the car ride on the way “naming” friends. If he knew someone’s name, it meant that they were friends. For him there were two healthy categories: friends and people who aren’t yet friends. Those are two categories with which...