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A pic from a trip on the way home.

Ash Wednesday and Going Home

Note: I wrote this last year after a trip home. Since then, I’ve moved to a new home in a new state. I think, more than ever, that it was good for me to reconnect with old friends. I’ve found in the past year that my life continues to be...

So Happy - and well bearded.

For Pete’s Sake

Note: This article appeared concurrently at ABPNews Blog. My last sermon of 2013 was named after a Pete Seeger song – “Turn! Turn! Turn!” Based on a Ecclesiastes 3, it is a text that I’ve mostly used for funerals. I wanted an opportunity to use the song in a non-funeral...


Looking Up: Remembering Whose We Are

***Note: The poem and accompanying thoughts below are the very first blog post I ever wrote. I wrote it about three and half years ago and a few blogging attempts ago. I came across it as I was trying to clean up some files and decided to share it here....