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I like self-explanatory things.

Coffins – A Poem About Community

I had a wonderful opportunity for a few years to come alongside some lovely gentlemen who were in the midst of a difficult and long rehabilitation program. When I was able to attend worship with them, I found their earnest need for each other and God so refreshing. These men...

Does one of these need to go?

Cohesion: The Narrow Way

I ran across this sketch in an old journal from the past few years: I was trying to visualize the concept of the Jungian mask – the small, false self that some of us are so good at displaying to the world – and the True Self – the part...

Plenty of Space

Waiting: Reflections on Hospital Waiting Rooms

Yesterday, I spent most of the day in the waiting room at the hospital. As I sat and talked with the people I was with, I noticed an interesting phenomenon. I then thought back over all the times that I have been in hospital waiting rooms, trying to figure out...